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To embrace ethnic minorities, women, and non-traditional professionals who have not always been included in traditional entertainment associations.


To provide a platform from which to represent and support our members with consumers and throughout the industry.


To promote the highest standards of conduct among ticketing, event, and entertainment professionals.

Without Restrictions

To promote a ticketing and event marketplace governed by supply-and-demand, where consumers and ticket brokers can buy and sell tickets freely without restrictions.

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Membership Dues

Each member shall have ten (10) votes for each year of membership, as well as one (1) vote for every thousand dollars ($1,000) contributed towards membership dues.

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# of Employees Cost/Year Purchase
1 - 20 $500
21 - 100 $1,000
101 - 200 $2,000
201 - 300 $3,000
301 - 500 $5,000
501 + $10,000