We advocate. we influence. we give back.

What We Are

USMTG is a non-profit business association comprised of ticketing, event and entertainment business owners dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive entertainment industry and business environment.

Membership fees go directly towards funding benefits and services for our members.

Advocate For Equity

Our expert legal team represents our members and their business needs while fighting against unjust legislation. We work to support individual businesses and consumers while simultaneously shaping the entertainment industry as a whole.

Grow Your Profits

Our national leadership team brings together a deep well of business, legal and financial expertise in the entertainment industry. Through our membership program, we ensure an increase in your profits by offering year round savings on a variety of services.

Cultivate A Community

Join the first diverse and inclusive national network for professionals in the entertainment industry. Meet national leaders, partner with our affiliated organizations and exchange ideas among peers through events and an online forum.

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In order to achieve our three core goals, we offer various services and benefits to our members in order to grow their businesses and overall enhance their livelihood. The USMTG is non-profit and member driven. All membership fees go directly towards funding benefits and services for our members.