Reduce Discriminatory Restrictions

  • Eliminate Paperless Ticketing Options Only (Transferability) – Paperless ticketing is the practice of selling tickets which are non-transferable. If a person buys a ticket and can’t use it, they would not even be able to give the ticket away, since they would only be allowed entry with the credit card and ID of the person who purchased the ticket. Currently, there is a new law (Extender Bill) which disallows the selling of paperless tickets only, but it sunsets annually unless renewed. We would like to see this law become permanent, or at least changed to a multi-year renewal (5 years).

  • Disclosures/Transparency on Tickets Available – Oftentimes event tickets sell out, it seems almost instantaneously, and ticket brokers are often blamed for the quick sellouts. This past year the NY Attorney general released a report which stated that often 40-60% of the tickets are not available for the general public, they are held back for VIPs to purchase or for insiders to sell (promoters, artists, venues). We are pushing for a law which would force the ticket sellers to list the number of tickets available, and how many are available for the general public to purchase.

  • Standardize Money Back Guarantees and Other Disclosures - Standardize disclosures, including face value, money back guarantees (including fees, etc.), and posting of ticket prices so that they are identical for both primary and secondary sellers.

  • Fair & Equal Access to Internet Marketing – StubHub/Ebay and Google have colluded to drive up adverting costs for small businesses using white label/private label marketing tools. Investigate possible collusive activities between StubHub and Google, and ban Google and other online search engines from discriminating against small businesses